A Complete Review of Xdrive

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Xdrive is another online backup service, but it works differently than most of the others. It also offers other features such as file sharing and image slideshows, which you might see as an added benefit or just stuff to get in the way of your backups.

Either way, they still offer their basic service for free, up to 5 GB. That’s a pretty good deal. (There is an upgraded 50 GB version for $9.95 per month, though.)

Xdrive used to be one of the expensive options, but now AOL owns the company, so they don’t need to be so stingy!

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  • 5GB free storage space.
  • Easily create fun slideshows with music.
  • Integrates with your AIM account.


  • Lacks backup functionality.
  • Premium plan is expensive.


  • www.Xdrive.com


What You Get with Xdrive

Most importantly, you get 5 GB of storage space. Think of it as an online hard drive. To backup your files, you’ll need to use their uploader and choose your files that way. It’s more like a typical online image host and less like a true, automatic backup solution. (The “Power Tools” feature makes backups pretty simple, but it’s still lacking features, especially compared to the competition.)

However, you can access your stored files from the desktop application or through any web browser. This allows you to backup and share files between multiple computers at no extra charge.

You can also set-up sharing on your account, so that certain people are allowed to access your files. You can set folders so that specific friends can access them, or you can have public folders so you can make your photos public on the web. This could even be used as a group collaboration space or as a way to share photos that are too large to send via email.

The other neat feature is “Xdrive Shows.” This lets you turn your stored photos and music into fun slideshows. All you have to do is drag and drop your files onto the timeline and click to add some transition effects. Then share it with your friends, of course!

Similarly, you can stream your music right on Xdrive.

Putting Xdrive to Use

If you currently use AOL Instant Messenger, this setup will be very easy. Instead of creating an account, just use your current AIM account! (They’ll still try to collect your name, address, and phone, but you can put fake details in if that’s a concern.)

aol xdrive signup

Your account is created quickly, and then you can sign-in and see your online control panel.

aol xdrive control panel

That will let you manage your current files and upload new ones, as I am doing below.

aol xdrive uploading

Once you have uploaded some files, you can go back to your control panel and choose what to do. You could let them sit there, or you could set folder options so that you can share with friends. Or you can select a file and click the big download button. Using the control panel is pretty straightforward.

There are big tabs for photos, music, and bookmarks, and the rest of the options are nice big buttons. If you can use a computer, you can use this!

Now I’m going to go create some nifty slideshows, so I’ll leave you with my final thoughts…


Final Decision on Xdrive

What I liked about Xdrive:
Free storage space.

What I did not like about Xdrive:
Does not offer continuous, instant backup.

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Xdrive Review Wrap-Up:
Overall rating: 3.0 out of 5 stars
Reviewed by: Paul Ryan
Date of original review: July 18, 2006
Date last updated: October 20, 2011


As with most free backup solutions, I think Xdrive is worth a shot. Make use of the 5 GB free account for storing photos and other files, especially ones that you might want to share with friends and family.

Skip the premium plan though. If you need more space and some backup features, try Carbonite or Mozy, which both offer a lot more space for about $5 per month.

Notice – visiting the Xdrive website gives you this message:

The Xdrive service is closed. Thank you for having been an Xdrive user.

This means you should probably look at related services instead – Dropbox is a good one.


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