Why Should You Bother to Backup Your Data?

Everyone needs backup at one point or another. Police offers call for backup all the time! But even if you are just a casual computer user, you need backup.

Just answer this one question:

How would you feel if you lost digital photos of your family and friends, an important term paper, or a research report for work?

If you really think about it and put yourself in that situation, you’d probably be a little upset, to say the least! You’ll also realize just how much of your life is actually on your computer. Photos, email, video, music, reports, ebooks, and more!

That leads to a problem, since computers are notorious for crashing. (There’s actually a 1 in 8 chance that your computer will crash!) And crashing means the loss of all your data! It’s not a pretty sight.

So it’s clear to see why you should backup your data. But of course, there are plenty of excuses for not backing up data.

Thankfully there are new and improved ways to backup your computer that aren’t so hard or time-consuming. Read about your backup options or go straight to the test of Carbonite, a great backup service.

Want a real life example of the horrors of data loss?

Click here to read my personal horror story.


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