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Computer Backup Tutorials and “How to” Articles

The “how to” section here at PC Backup Review guides you towards the secure feeling of having your data backed up. Here are the current tutorials:

How to Back Up Your Computer – A Beginner’s Guide

A complete guide to every step of computer backup. I’ll show you step-by-step the easy way to protect all your files, photos, and anything digital.

How to Use Windows Backup and Restore

How to use the built-in backup in Microsoft Windows to make backups faster and easier, free.

How to Use Apple Time Machine

How to use the built-in backup for Macs. Time Capsule instructions are included, too.

How to Recover Deleted Files

Everything you need to know about recovering a lost or deleted file from your computer. How to recover lost files that you forgot to backup properly. Includes list of freeware that does the work for you!

How to Access Your Computer Remotely

Remote computer access? That’s when you access your home computer from some other computer. What’s that have to do with backup? Well say your computer is stolen and hence your data is lost – this could help you recover it.


Stay tuned for more great tutorials!


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