The following chart shows how four of our top-rated backup solutions stack up against each other. The services are compared based on product features, customer support, and price. Each service received a good review, but this chart will help you decide which one best suits your individual needs.

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Storage Space Unlimited 125GB Unlimited Unlimited
System Compatibility Windows, Mac. Windows, Mac. Windows, Mac, Linux, and Solaris. Windows, Mac.
Mobile Access iOS, Android, and BlackBerry apps. iOS and Android apps. iOS, Android, and Windows Phone apps. Website accessible on mobile devices.
Version History For up to 3 months. For the past 30 days. Yes. Unlimited versions for the past 7 days.
File Sync None. “Mozy Stash” sync folder included. None. Sync folder included.
Tech Support Phone, live chat, and email, based in the USA. Support tickets and live chat. Support tickets, email, and phone support. Email only.
Monthly Price $4.92 $9.16 $4.17 $7.95
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