world backup day

Tomorrow, March 31, 2012, is the second annual World Backup Day, a day to celebrate online backup and data loss protection (and mourn the loss of any data that was not backed up.)

If you already have a good backup in place (good job!,) this is a good time to make sure it’s running properly and test out a data restore to be 100% sure. Even if a service says your data is being backed up, you should verify that yourself. While you’re at it, check the batteries in all your smoke alarms! You never know when a smoke alarm (and fire extinguisher) could save your computer.

If you’re one who has still not made the jump to online backup, today is the day to rethink that decision! As the saying goes, “Don’t be an April Fool, backup your data today!”

Several of the top-rated backup companies are on board with this holiday and have issued special promotions for one day only. Now is a great chance to save – I’m seeing discounts upwards of 25%!

If funds are tight, you’re still in luck. Some services are doubling or even tripling the amount of storage space you get with their free accounts! I’m talking 5-7GB free, rather than the standard 2GB!

There’s no good reason not to sign-up right now!

Here are the coupon codes you’ll need:

The Backblaze Contest

Backblaze, the World Backup Day presenting sponsor this year, is holding a contest where you can enter to win a 1-year Backblaze account just by signing up for a free trial account! Five of these unlimited accounts will be given away. The grand prize winner takes home an iPad 3, so even if you refuse to backup your data for some strange reason, you probably still want to win a free iPad!

Head over to to get all the details and enter for your chance to win.

The Mozy Promo Code

Mozy is offering 25% off any new subscription! Normally they only do 10% off coupons, and you’re lucky to find those, so the 25% off is a great deal!

It’s valid ONE DAY ONLY though, so you better jump on it. Use promo code WORLDBACKUP on March 31, 2012 to get the deal. Sign-up at

(Not familiar with Mozy? Check our review.)

More Free Space at SpiderOak

Normally a free account at SpiderOak would get you just 2GB of storage space to use, but for the holiday, they’re upping that to 5GB! And you get the 5GB free for life, you won’t get bumped down to 2GB later.

SpiderOak is a good service so I highly recommend you jump on this! Just use the code WORLDBACKUPDAY when you sign up at

Even Better – 7GB Free at MiMedia

What’s better than 5GB free at SpiderOak? Getting a 7GB Personal Cloud account completely free from MiMedia, too, giving you 12GB free between the two services. (The Personal Cloud lets you backup your data then access and stream it from anywhere.)

Want more? They have a discount code, too, and it’s good for 30% off MiMedia Premium. (The discount applies for the life of your account!) To redeem this discount, enter promo code WBD2012 when signing up at

Mac User? Check Out Dolly Drive

Dolly Drive has a 33% off promo code – WBDOLLY – that you can use at Dolly Drive is pretty cool because it lets you use Time Machine in conjunction with online backup, so if you are a dedicated Mac user, it’s a great option.

Bulldog Backup

New customers at Bulldog Backup, an online backup service based in the UK, can get 25% off their home online backup using promo code WBDAY2012.

Those are all the discounts and offers I have found, but if you see any more, please post them in the comments below!

And stay tuned to World Backup Day on Twitter ( because the organizers will be tweeting about more special deals throughout the day!

So remember, Don’t Be An April Fool!

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