On May 14th, ADrive announced the official release of their new Android App.

According to a recent email to ADrive users:

ADrive just released its new Android app “ADrive Mobile” that allows you to upload and download files from any Android Device and access and manage all of your files on the go!

Get started with the ADrive Mobile app by downloading ADrive Mobile from the Google Play Store and follow the instructions in the ADrive Mobile tutorial.

The ADrive Mobile app is free for all Personal Premium users. Personal Basic Free users will need to upgrade their plan to take advantage of the ADrive Mobile app by signing into their ADrive account and clicking upgrade.

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At the heart of the app is the ability to upload and download files between your ADrive storage and your Android device. So if you create any documents or take important photos with your Android phone or tablet, you can immediately upload them to your ADrive. Likewise, if you have any important files or neat photos in your ADrive account, you can share them anytime, anywhere you have your Android device.

The app is free to download, but as of now only has a 2.1 star rating on its Google Play page. Why? It won’t work for any free users.

Though ADrive offers a free account with a whopping 50GB of storage space, this app only works with ADrive’s premium account offering. ADrive, even with their recent overhaul, is behind the times, considering Google Drive and Dropbox both offer similar Android apps that are available to their free users.

It appears that the Personal Premium (i.e. paid account) users are rating the app 5 stars, but those ratings are outweighed by the many 1-star reviews coming from Personal Basic (i.e. free account) users who are unable to use the app.

ADrive is pushing their paid account heavily, yet their competitors offer many of ADrive’s services free of charge. This ADrive app is great news for their current paying customers, but I don’t see it attracting any new users.

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