ADrive got a huge overhaul this past week. The design change alone is huge. Just take a look at the old black + green design:

And compare it to today’s design:

I like the new, sleek design. It’s much more pleasant to look at. It also looks a lot more “normal,” which could be good or bad, depending on your perspective. Either way, it was about time to retire that old design that belonged in 1999.

You can see more updated screenshots in our initial review, which has been updated to reflect these recent changes.

Also, on the ADrive blog, it says to expect a “New & Improved File Manager” as well as a “Mobile App” soon.

In the mean time, in light of all these changes, I thought it would be fun to look back at ADrive’s logo through the years.

adrive beta logo 1

ADrive started out in 2007 in beta, with the quintessential “beta” badge on their logo.



adrive logo 2

Later, they dropped the “beta” from their logo. It was replaced with a “TM.”



adrive logo 3

With this latest March 2012 update, ADrive is abandoning the logo reflection that was so popular amongst web 2.0 start ups for years. The new logo is plain yet sleek, giving ADrive a more mature look. It is about five years old, after all!

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