This Is My Personal Data Loss Horror Story!

Bam! My external hard drive hit the floor. I can still remember that sound and the skipping sound the drive made after I picked it up.

That was not a good day at all. See, this was a few years ago before I thought about keeping my data backed up. For a lot of my documents, that hard drive held the only copy!

All I could think about were the business plans, the photos with friends and family, and all the other data that had just been lost. And after finding out how much it could cost to restore the data off the damaged drive (if possible), I just went to bed. I couldn’t even think straight. I realized that most of my life was stored on my computer!

Luckily I learned my lesson at that point and started to make periodic backups onto CD-Rs. By periodic I mean “every so often.” I backed some stuff up when I thought about it, but it was a pain to burn CDs every day.

But it didn’t seem like such a pain when my computer crashed the next year! Yet again I fell victim to the computer crash. Luckily some of my data was saved, but not all.

That’s when I starting looking at online backup services that store your files in a remote location. However, those solutions were pretty costly, and I just couldn’t afford them at the time.

So boy was I happy when I found out that I could get a great new backup service for a mere $5 per month!

I’ve been happy ever since, and I can rest at night knowing my data is safe and sound!

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