KeepYouSafe – Can It Really Keep Your Data Safe?

keep you safe

KeepYouSafe bills itself as an “online safe deposit box.” While other services just backup your computer, KeepYouSafe will backup your life. They focus on backups of important documents like tax returns, insurance policies, and driver’s license copies.

“Backing up your life” is a lofty statement, but all it is really saying is that it gives you a small space online for secure storage. That’s great, but it’s extremely easy to store a few important files in any other backup solution. Their only claim is that their storage is extremely safe.

The good news is: it’s free to sign-up!

Like I always say, you can’t have too many backups. So I highly encourage you to sign-up for the free account. (The site still says “No credit card required,” but it has a spot for entering your credit card information.)

With a paid account you get 500 MB of space for $4/month, but I’d stick with the free version. If you need more space, take a look at Carbonite or Mozy because they offer much more value while maintaining the secure storage.

But for free, it’s certainly worth trying KeepYouSafe, especially because they have secure file storage and secure file sending.


Final Decision on KeepYouSafe

What I liked about KeepYouSafe:

What I did not like about KeepYouSafe:

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KeepYouSafe Review Wrap-Up:
Overall rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars
Reviewed by: Paul Ryan
Date of original review: September 14, 2006
Date last updated: September 14, 2006


Here’s a link to sign-up: www.KeepYouSafe.Com [service has closed down]


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