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DocSyncer was a cool service that would sync documents between your computer and the Google Docs site.

Key Features

Key features promised by DocSyncer:

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Here is my full evaluation and review…

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One of the coolest things going on in 2007 was the emergence of “webtop” software – software that runs through your web browser instead of your desktop, but still functions just as well. One of the big players is, of course, Google Docs.

If you are ditching Microsoft Word and Excel and moving exclusively to Google Docs, good for you. The problem is, while you gain versatility by having documents online, you lose versatility by always requiring an internet connection. If you stick with desktop programs, you miss out on accessing your documents remotely.

But the worst case scenario seemed to stem from trying to use both solutions all the time. If you updated a document on one service, you would have to make sure you updated the other copy. Not only was that time consuming (since you had to upload documents one by one,) but it got confusing.

“Which file had the latest update?”

“Did I screw something up and need the former version?”

That all changed when a new service named DocSyncer launched late in 2007. With DocSyncer, you can easily upload all your Microsoft documents at once and then DocSyncer keeps everything in sync. All you have to do is download a small piece of software from them. (And you still have to abide by the 5,000 document limit at Google Docs.)

This diagram from the DocSyncer website explains it:

docsyncer concept

If you are familiar with Carbonite or Mozy and their automated backups, this is similar. The DocSyncer program runs in the background on your computer and springs into action whenever it sees a new document created, creating a second copy online and then syncing the files.

Not only is the automation great for syncing your files so you can work remotely, but it makes a great remote backup for all your documents.

Take a look at the online control panel.

docsyncer control panel

From there you can simply select a document and click “Open at Google Docs” and you’ll be taken right to the Google Docs editor. And that’s all there is to it.


Final Decision on DocSyncer

What I liked about DocSyncer:
A nice, simple way to sync files.

What I did not like about DocSyncer:
Google will probably run them out of business.

[starreview tpl=16]  
DocSyncer Review Wrap-Up:
Overall rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars
Reviewed by: Paul Ryan
Date of original review: January 9, 2008
Date last updated: January 9, 2008


You can sign-up for free by clicking the link below and your account should be opened immediately (even though they are still in beta.)

Official website: www.DocSyncer.com


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