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After including Diino in our very first “best of the best” free file hosting list, I knew it warranted further review. With most free file hosts offering only basic file storage and sharing, Diino’s automatic backup functionality was a refreshing addition to the typical storage options.

Key Features

Key features promised by Diino:

  • Automatic backup.
  • Instant file sharing.
  • Easy to access your stored files.
  • Integrated photo slideshow publishing.
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[As of April 22, 2017, Diino has closed.]

Here is my full evaluation and review…

Getting Started With Diino

Diino 2 gb free online backup

The real meat of Diino’s offering is in the file storage. Diino lets can store, access, and share files of any size or type. That sets it apart from basic file sharing sites that usually place strict limits on file size; those limits make it virtually impossible to share large digital photos, music, and video clips. But Diino has you covered.

Another key factor in file storage is security, because you don’t want strangers or criminals accessing your files. Diino’s strong 2048 bit encryption and safe data centers have you covered, you can safely store your personal and confidential documents. Diino even keeps backups of your backups, just to be extra cautious.

But all those features would go to waste without an easy way to backup and restore your files. Fortunately, Diino offers automatic scheduled backups! (And they’re one of very few file hosting services to do this!)

Scheduling backups is a simple process with the Diino client. Just choose the folders and files you want to back up, set your backup schedule (weekly, monthly, etc,) and Diino will do the rest. Drag and drop a few files, click a few settings, and Diino is ready to go.

Accessing your files (and restoring from backups) is another simple process. In the event of a crash, a virus, or a simple user error, your backups are a click away. In addition, you have access to your files from any PC with an internet connection.

What’s the price for all this? Unlimited backup is $49/year after a 30-day free trial.


Final Decision on Diino

What I liked about Diino:
Scheduled backup is a welcome feature.

What I did not like about Diino:
The paid versions aren’t the best value.

[starreview tpl=16]  
Diino Review Wrap-Up:
Overall rating: 3.0 out of 5 stars
Reviewed by: Paul Ryan
Date of original review: March 20, 2009
Date last updated: July 9, 2012


Diino no longer offers their 2 GB free account, but they still provide automated backup functionality. A service like ADrive offers more space, but you give up the automatic backup functionality, which is really important (because it’s so easy to forget to take backups manually!)

For the paid subscriptions, Carbonite and Mozy offer better deals (i.e. more space for less money) on automatic backups. However, if you are interested in features like the secure file sharing, online photo album, and built-in blog, Diino could be right for you.

Official site: www.Diino.com


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