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Switch From Carbonite to CrashPlan – Get One Year FREE!

I’ve been a Carbonite fan for years… but I know a good deal when I see one! In a bold marketing move, the increasingly popular CrashPlan service is giving users a free year of service if they switch from Carbonite! I don’t know how long this offer

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PC Backup Review Is All New: Try Our Free Online Backup Consulting

At PC Backup Review, we take pride in being one of the first publications dedicated to computer backup. Founded in 2006, long before online backup was popular, we set out on a journey to explore the dangers of not backing up your computer. Back then, Carbonite didn’t

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ADrive’s Spring Cleaning – A New Look and New Features for 2012

ADrive Has a New Design! Though I have only been using ADrive since 2007, their website design made me think it was from way back in 1997! Sure, I’m exaggerating, but that design was simply too outdated for a company in such a high-tech industry. It made

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ADrive Releases New Android App

On May 14th, ADrive announced the official release of their new Android App. According to a recent email to ADrive users: ADrive just released its new Android app “ADrive Mobile” that allows you to upload and download files from any Android Device and access and manage all

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The Promo Codes and Special Offers for World Backup Day 2012!

Tomorrow, March 31, 2012, is the second annual World Backup Day, a day to celebrate online backup and data loss protection (and mourn the loss of any data that was not backed up.) If you already have a good backup in place (good job!,) this is a

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Hot Deals for World Backup Day 2012

World Backup Day is coming up very soon! It is now less than two days away! If you’ve been putting off your backups, knowing that everyone will be backing up their data now should motivate you. But if that’s not enough, know that many online backup companies

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ADrive Gets a Huge Overhaul!

ADrive got a huge overhaul this past week. The design change alone is huge. Just take a look at the old black + green design: And compare it to today’s design: I like the new, sleek design. It’s much more pleasant to look at. It also looks

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Scan Documents Directly to the Cloud with Fujitsu ScanSnap and SugarSync

Fujitsu ScanSnap Scanners Integrate with SugarSync to Save Scanned Documents Directly to Users’ Personal Clouds SAN MATEO, CALIF., Nov. 9, 2011 – SugarSync, a free service that actively syncs your files across all your computers and devices, today announced that Fujitsu’s ScanSnap scanners now integrate directly with

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SOS Online Backup Receives Fourth Consecutive PC Magazine Editors’ Choice Award

SOS Online Backup, heralded as a PC Magazine favorite for over 5 years running, now offers apps for PC, Mac, iPhone, Android and Facebook. Los Angeles – CALIFORNIA – November 8, 2011 – SOS Online Backup (, the premier all-in-one solution for protecting and archiving digital information,

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Carbonite Moves All Customer Support to US For Improved Experience

Carbonite just announced yesterday that they opened a new facility in Lewiston, Maine dedicated to customer support. Not only did this mean 150 new jobs in the area, but it means that 100% of Carbonite’s phone, email, and chat customer support services are now US-based. The facility

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