You can get online backup for free. And not just online storage or file hosting, but full-featured, automatic backups. You just have to know where to look. Here is a list of the best free accounts from the real online backup providers.

mozy logo

Mozy Free

Mozy Free gives you a 2GB account, good for at least a few files. Scheduled backups, Mozy Stash file sync, and mobile apps for iPhone and Android are included for your use. Check it out at or read our full review.

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IDrive Basic

IDrive Basic gives you 5GB free, which includes their automatic backups and file sync. Check it out at or read our full review.

google drive logo

Google Drive

Google Drive is the newly released replacement for Google Docs. And of course it’s free to get started with 5GB space. It’s kind of like Dropbox or Box, but with that Google feel. Check it out at or read our full review (coming soon.)

wuala by lacie logo


You can get 5GB free from Wuala by Lacie, a cloud storage provider offering backup, sync, and file sharing capabilities. Based out of Zurich, Switzerland, you get that feeling of extreme security.

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Dropbox, in their 2GB free account, provide you sync and backup on virtually any computer or device. And on as many of them as you want! You can even earn more free space and turn that 2GB into 18GB, all free. Just by telling your friends about Dropbox. Check it out at or read our full review.

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You can get a great 2GB SpiderOak account free. Be on the lookout for their holiday giveaways where you can get a promo code to turn that 2GB into 4GB or more. Check it out at or read our full review.

The Honorable Mentions

ADrive gives you 50GB free storage, but no desktop client, so it’s not actually a backup service. Nevertheless, it’s worth checking out for free, as noted in our review.

SugarSync gives you a free 5GB account, which is great, but it’s more of a file sync service than online backup. That being said, SugarSync is pretty darn good at the file sync business, so don’t miss our review of them.

What You Miss Out On With The Free Versions

While most of these free versions give you the full set of features available to paid customers, you miss out on space! Even the 5GB accounts are really only useful if you’re storing text documents, spreadsheets, and the like. If you want to store pictures, videos, and music, you’ll burn through your available space quickly.

If you have a lot of files, like most users nowadays, I’d suggest looking at the full-featured accounts available from the many quality companies that now exist in this industry.

The Best Value In Online Backup

All of the above services provide a quality product in a paid version, but when it comes to getting the best value, I can’t help but mention how BackBlaze, Carbonite, and CrashPlan all offer unlimited online backup for less than $5/month. Plus, you can start with a no-obligation free trial. At that price, you have no excuse not to sign-up.

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