Storing files online, sharing files with friends… it used to be so easy. Then SOPA talks in 2011 discouraged theses types of sites from even operating. Many shut down without a fight. If you were using these sites legally, you were still punished.

Fortunately, some free file hosts are still around, and some are very reputable, quality sites. Just don’t plan on doing any illegal sharing and you should have good luck on these websites.

adrive logo


ADrive, 50GB free space, online storage and file sharing options.

dropbox logo


Dropbox, 2GB free space, sync between your computers, also share files privately or publicly. very slick.

divshare logo


DivShare, 20GB storage in free account, good reviews from TechCrunch and others.

filefactory logo


FileFactory, free cloud storage since 2005, allows up to 2GB per file, unlimited downloads.

mediafire logo


MediaFire, went from a simple file hosting site to a full-fledged cloud storage solution, now providing free cloud storage, file sharing, and collaboration features. Start with 50GB free storage space you can access from your desktop or mobile apps.

esnips logo


eSnips, lets you upload and share files, and of course, download them later if you need them. Over 9 million users already host their files here.

fileden logo


FileDen gives you a free account with 1GB storage space and up to 5GB worth of data transfer each month. A 100MB file size limit is in place.

filesend logo


FileSend gives you 1GB of free space and lets you easily send large files to friends. In other words, you upload a file and it sends the download link to your friends via email.

putlocker logo


PutLocker imposes no limits on sharing, uploading, and streaming (other than a generous 1GB file size limit.)

zippyshare logo


Zippyshare is 100% free with no sign-up required. You can get unlimited disk space, but with a max of 200MB per file.

That makes a list of 11 sites, which is surely plenty for a single person and their file hosting!

If you need more advanced features such as file sync, secure online storage, and/or automatic backups that don’t expire, check out our online backup reviews page to see how the best services stack up.

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