A Complete Review of BeInSync File Sync Service

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BeInSync allows you to backup your documents, photos, and music automatically. Once your files are backed up, you can access them from anywhere and share them. You can also “sync” your home and work computers.

The synchronization process works like this: You update a file on your work PC. That file gets backed up online, and then the latest version is downloaded to your home PC. The process works seamlessly, as long as both computers are connected to the internet at the same time.

BeInSync has video tutorials on their website, so you can learn from the experts about how exactly to do this. No boring instruction manuals required!

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Let’s get started, shall we?

First, the sign-up. You can choose between Free, Professional, and Business options. The free version allows you to sync 2 computers, share up to 5 folders, and backup up to 1 GB. The professional version lifts the limits to 5 PCs, 10 folders, and 5 GB or more. Then the business version adds in advanced features like a central web console management for networks.

The free version should work fine for most people. You could sync your desktop and your laptop, or your home and work computers. If you need to do more, there’s a 14-day free trial for the Professional service, so you can still try that free of charge. (Plus, it’s only $60 per year if you go for it.)

The fact that this can be used on multiple computers is what sets it apart from other online backup solutions. Not only can you use BeInSync on multiple computers, you’re supposed to! The key feature is keeping the files between all your computers “in sync” with each other.

(I’m going to assume that you’re mainly using this to sync your computers. If you need extensive backup features and lots of space, try Carbonite or Mozy, which specialize in backups and offer unlimited storage.)

OK, after two minutes of setup, you can start to use BeInSync.

The only hard part now is going to each computer you want to sync. You’ll need to go to each computer separately, go to BeInSync’s website, log-in, and register. But once that is done, you can quickly install the software on each one, and be done!

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Once the software is on a computer, you’ll be presented with a “Launch Pad” control panel with big buttons. That way it’s super easy to pick out what you want to do, whether it’s Sync, Share, Access, or Backup.

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Syncing, as I said, allows you to sync files between different computers.

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Sharing lets you email friends and invite them to see your shared files. If they signup with BeInSync, your shared files will sync to their computer, too.

Access your files from any computer, as long as you can access a web browser.

Backup your files by selecting them in the easy software interface and then select how often they should be backed up.

That’s about it.


Final Decision on BeInSync

What I liked about BeInSync:
It worked well.

What I did not like about BeInSync:
I can’t use it anymore.

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BeInSync Review Wrap-Up:
Overall rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars
Reviewed by: Paul Ryan
Date of original review: June 4, 2006
Date last updated: March 27, 2012


BeInSync is a great service, especially if you have to switch between multiple computers while you work.

How can you resist downloading BeInSync for free? It’s too good to pass up.

I currently use the free version to sync up a few files between my desktop and laptop. It’s all I need to keep a few Word documents and Excel spreadsheets up-to-date. So be sure to download BeInSync today!

*Update* BeInSync was purchased by a larger company and subsequently discontinued.


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