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Free Online Backup

Where You Can Get Free Online Computer Backup

Before spending any money, I like to browse around and see if I can find something similar, maybe even better, for free. I looked through A LOT of remote backup services, but none of them were on par with Carbonite. However… I did manage to find some that were worth checking out.

These are the best of the bunch, with all of them offering online storage space for your backups, and most of them offering a handy desktop software to help make backing up easier.


mozy logo

Mozy Free

Mozy Free offers 2 GB of secure online backup space for free. And with their automatic backup software, scheduling your backups is simple. You even get to use their Mozy Stash file synchronization and iPhone and Android mobile apps.


idrive logo

IDrive Basic

IDrive Basic gives you 5 GB of free online storage space for your backups. This free plan supports all features of IDrive! So you can try out their file sync, back up multiple devices, manage your backups from any web browser, and of course, have all your files backed up automatically as soon as they are changed.


adrive logo


ADrive offers a whopping 50GB of free online storage. The catch with ADrive is that you really only get the free storage space – you don’t get a fancy automatic backup program to go with it and manage everything for you. Still though, 50 GB free is great, so I don’t mind manually uploading some files through their website now and then.


dropbox logo


Dropbox starts you out with 2GB of free space, and if you can get some of your friends to join in the fun, you can end up with a total of 18GB free storage space! And unlike with ADrive, you can simply drag and drop files into your “dropbox” right on your desktop – no need to open the web browser.


gmail logo

Gmail Drive

One last option, which is quite interesting, is the GMail Drive. Simply put, it lets you use a Google GMail account as a hard drive for file storage. The software is free and GMail is free (for about 3 GB of storage space!)


Of the options listed, IDrive Basic and Mozy Free get my top recommendation. These companies, along with Carbonite, should withstand the test of time, which is vitally important since you’re relying on them!

I mean, just look at this list below. These companies tried to give away free online backup but just didn’t have what it takes.


Services That Have Shut Down Since This Article was Originally Published:

  • StreamLoad
  • MediaMax
  • TheLinkUp
  • XDrive
  • DropBoks
  • VMN Storage
  • HotMarx

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