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The 13 “Best of the Best” Free File Hosting Options

Need to store your files online? There are hundreds if not thousands of options, but the trick is picking out the cream of the crop. Some sites have long registration requirements, slow upload speeds, and annoying ads, or worse.

This list has been narrowed down to the best of the best file storage options, guaranteed to be stable, free, generous with file size limits, offer lots of space, and top things off with some really cool features.

adrive logo

1. ADrive is an online storage provider offering tons of space – 50 GB to be exact – and their generous 2 GB file size limit lets you make the most of it. You can get a free account and then upload all your files through the web browser interface, then you can keep your files private or share them with a simple click of the mouse.

mediamax logo

2. MediaMax (formerly StreamLoad) gives you a free account with 25 GB of secure storage space that works well for private storage and file sharing.

humyo logo

3. With Humyo you get a total of 30 GB of free space, which is awesome for secure file storage and sharing, along with other sweet options for streaming and embedding media files. To top things off you can access Humyo from any web or mobile phone browser.

divshare logo

4. DivShare is a different take on file storage. It allows you to store files and view them online without downloading them – watch streaming video, view photo slideshows, read documents, or listen to streaming audio. Plus, it easily integrates with Facebook, WordPress, and the Apple iPhone. The free account gets you 5 GB of storage space.

dropio logo

5. is another unique storage provider that lets you setup secure file “drops” between specified groups of people. It’s totally secure and you can setup as many drops as you want, and you have the option of adding files via web browser, email, or phone! It’s very simple but very useful.

filefactory logo

6. FileFactory is “the leader in free unlimited file hosting.” You can upload files for storage or to send to a friend, with a generous 300 MB limit per file and the ability to upload 25 files at once. There is even a desktop application and Facebook app to let you upload files from anywhere. Once your files are uploaded you can create photo slideshows, music widgets, and more.

mediafire logo

7. MediaFire offers 100% free file hosting with unlimited space (except for a 100 MB file size limit.) Registration is optional so you can quickly upload files or sign-up and get an account to manage your uploads. MediaFire has been getting rave reviews from PC World, PC Magazine, and more.

badongo logo

8. Badongo, despite the funny name, means business. You get unlimited space with a whopping 1 GB file size limit, all 100% free. Extras include slideshow creators, music players, and more.

xdrive logo

9. XDrive is like having a second hard drive offering 5 GB of free space. Use it for secure remote file storage or file sharing with friends and family. New features include photo slideshows, automated scheduled backups, and desktop software.

dropboks logo

10. DropBoks offers free online storage, just like an online “drop box.” You get 1 GB free, but the real beauty is the clean and simple interface that anyone can understand.

diino logo

11. Diino is “your internet desktop” where you can store up to 2 GB of files, free of charge. Then you can share them or just access them from anywhere you have an internet connection. Other features include free email, a free blog, collaboration space, and the ability to run scheduled backups.

esnips logo

12. eSnips offers a cool 5 GB of free storage plus custom playlists, widgets, and a “social DNA” feature that compares you to other users based on the files you upload. If you are looking for community features to go with your file storage, eSnips could be for you.

driveway logo

13. Driveway is for sharing individual files and offers a generous 500 MB file-size limit, not to mention a selection of widgets. You can even share files straight from your desktop with just a right-click.


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