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The 4 Main Types of Computer Backup

There are a lot of options out there when it comes to backing up your files. However, some of them are expensive, hard to use, take up a lot of time, or some combination of the three…

The good news is that there is at least one service that has impressed me, so there should be something that fits your needs!

Here are the four types covered in this article:

  • External hard drives, CD-Rs, and DVD-Rs
  • Backup Software
  • Network Storage
  • Remote Backup

Continue reading for the details…


External hard drives, CD-Rs, and DVD-Rs

This is the oldest idea and the easiest for most people to understand. You put your files on these storage media in case your main hard drive fails.


  • Copying files to an external hard drive.
  • Burning data discs (CDs and DVDs) full of files.
  • Copying files to a thumb drive.

If you do experience a hard drive failure, whatever files you stored on the CD-R’s, thumb drives, etc. will be safe. The downside is that this takes a lot of time to do a good job at it.


Backup Software

Backup software typically works in conjunction with external storage like the external drives and CD-Rs mentioned above. Once you figure out the software, your backups will be much easier. (Most of the time, they’ll be completely automated.)


Software varies, so be sure to read reviews before making your purchase.


Network Attached Storage (NAS)

Network storage is like having an external hard drive, but it’s connected to your home network for ease of use. This lets you ‘mirror’ your main hard drive onto this one. It will save you a lot of messing around with CD-Rs laying everywhere!


The downside is that you need a home network and must be tech savvy to implement this.


Remote Backup

Remote backup means storing your files in a “remote” location. (A remote location is anywhere besides your home or office.)

“Online backup” and “cloud backup” both fall under the idea of remote backup. So yes, you can safely store your files remotely by using an online backup provider.


The beauty of remote backup is that even if you experience a disaster that wipes out your computer and your backup drives and CD-Rs, you’ll still have a copy of your data in that remote location.


The best backup choice?

Each option has its pros and cons. The prices vary quite a bit, too, so take a look at the price chart here to get a better idea. But if I had to choose just one option for ease of use and data security, I’d go with remote backup, such as Mozy or Carbonite.

With Carbonite, you simply download a piece of software and then select which files and folders you want backed up. Then Carbonite will automatically upload those files over your internet connection.

You can get a FREE TRIAL of Carbonite – CLICK HERE.

With the great prices, high security, and extremely easy to use software that’s included, remote backup is almost always the best choice!

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